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Sustainability and public participation

With the development of a location currently housing a sports ground a a youth centre, the opportunity arises to transform the Hamburger district of Stellingen into an attractive urban residential area while strengthening its central role.

The city is based on sustainable urban development. A sustainable environment can be achieved both at the building-level and in the public space by employing energy-efficient and energy saving methods including material selection, production methods and energy consumption. This is an important challenge in developing the area. The most important feature of a sustainable and future-proof concept is however that it becomes a valuable area. This is why we strive for public participation.

The Architectuurcentrale has developed a flexible urban framework that accommodates the preferences of residents, users and other stakeholders concerning the programme, housing typology and public space. Our experience in similar situations shows that even in complex urban development projects, the residents’ wishes can be assessed and successfully implemented with surveys and workshops.