Rostock Germany

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Treasure room at the Warnow

The rugged riverside is slowly being transformed into more cultivated green with trees. The atmosphere of the courtyard remains extensive. High decorative grass creates sheltered spots and limits the view of the private patios. The courtyard is connected to the waterfront of the Warnow with long, broad docks. The docks are suitable for sitting, playing, strolling, enjoying the view, fishing and docking. The green continues right up to the facades.

The courtyard is designed as a system of black flagstone pedestrian paths. The paths follow the walking-routes in the area. The underground is capable of handling heavier traffic in locations where access for emergency services is required. The character of the courtyard remains as green as possible by sometimes placing the flagstones further away from each other.

The unique location near the water, and the vicinity of green and the historic city alike, form the basis. The plan leverages these qualities and links the new neighborhood to its surroundings. The history of old Rostock is revived through rhythm, details and facade colors.

The program involved is naturally divided into a balanced ensemble of building blocks. Together they surround a courtyard, a large green and sheltered yard, and they each create their own space: the waterside with views of the city, the [word is missing] building has a view of the round plaza, and the block near the open water have a view of the green yard and the broad river. Living by the water but still in the city. Large balconies form sheltered outside spaces with optimal sun and view orientation. River, city and public space have melted into a delightfully livable place with a strong identity that fits the scale and size of the location. It clearly gives Rostock international appeal with its strong architectural language.