In our Architectural Engineering program at the Delft University of Technology, we seek innovative and inspiring architectural solutions for environmental and societal issues. We are driven by the need to think differently about our building culture. Understanding existing potentials, knowing the possibilities of renewal and discovering how to design, innovate and change are central themes of Architectural Engineering. Focus areas are circularity, climate design, digital manufacturing, product design, material research, structural mechanics and computational modelling.

Architectural Engineering encourages students to explore their role as architects in facing today’s challenges. Under the guidance of a team of enthusiastic design tutors and together with various stakeholders, students search for innovative technical solutions for diverse problems in multiple contexts in both the Netherlands and abroad (i.e. Indonesia and the Caribbean). The three main research-by-design domains promoted by Architectural Engineering are ‘Make’, ‘Flow’ and ‘Stock’. Each domain requires a different approach and offers unique design solutions while creating multiple values for the built environment together.

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