Thijs Asselbergs: “In the early 80s, I graduated at the department lead by Professor Jaap Bakema, the man that coined the term ‘van stoel tot stad’ (from a chair to a city). It offered me insights into the gradations of scale and different disciplines that characterize the building industry. These different levels of scale and disciplines are also at the foundation of my two-fold experience with building practice of the past decennia: that of architect and that of the booster of architectural policy. This experience proves useful now: since the beginning of the 21st century, a permanent shift of the role and position of the architect within building practice becomes apparent. Those who want to connect the culture of building with technological innovation must know how design and ingenuity are interconnected. The present is asking for new values. We must combine a strong dose of innovation with the urgency of renewing the building stock.”

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