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Kerk ‘Het Kruispunt’ Houten

Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs has designed a solid church for the Orthodox Reformed Church at Houten. The exterior is restrained and massive, the interior, by contrast, warm and transparent.
The new church at Houten consists of two detached brick built volumes slightly rotated with respect to each other. The volume to the left of the building houses the body of the church and the one on the right meeting rooms, the kitchen and the crèche, as well as other spaces. The wedge shape space between the two volumes, the atrium, functions as an informal gathering space. Here a monumental staircase or gallery provides the central focus. The brick built outer walls of the main church and the meeting room section both run through the atrium, visually revealing the structure to consist of two separate buildings.

The body of the church, which accommodates approximately 400 people, is flooded with daylight. This comes in from high up, from a skylight 14 metres high in the ‘church tower’, directly above the liturgical centre, and also comes in low from an elongated horizontal window frame in the side wall.

The design of the church catches the eye because of its clean lines and abstract forms. The exterior has been kept deliberately restrained and massive. The building takes its warm and welcoming atmosphere from the powerful materials used, the glass atrium and the magisterial effect of the different skylights.


© Thijs Asselbergs architectuurcentrale