Gartenstadt Krefeld English


Gartenstadt Krefeld

The Gartenstadt district lies in Krefeld, Germany. As the younger residents are moving away, this postwar district has an increasingly ageing population. In order to bring this trend to a halt and give the residents a positive boost, Wohnstätte Krefeld will be renovating 240 homes.

The Architectuurcentrale intends to give these homes a new boost by modifying their typology and better incorporating the ample green spaces into the homes. The home typologies will be differentiated. Several apartments will be transformed into family homes with private gardens; more differentiation in terms of apartment size, varying between 2 and 4 room apartments, will attract a broader range of residents with various user requirements. The inner space is increased by constructing the building access on the exterior. Optimal new homes are designed, based on the existing structure. Convenience and efficient energy consumption are key pillars in the functional design.